For Consumers

Evolution Banking provide consumer loans in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland. Loans are secured against a residential property.
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For Introducers

As an Evolution Money business referrer you could help your clients get the loan they need and benefit from additional revenue.
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For Investors

We’re able to offer bespoke investment opportunities based upon client requirements which will deliver a guaranteed annual return.
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Evolution Banking – Looking to the Future

The economic down turn of the UK’s financial market saw the withdrawl of several lenders within the non-standard lending sector. The lenders that remained became very risk adverse which resulted in a change to lending criteria. The impact of these conditions was that the availability of finance to certain demographics of consumers became increasingly restricted.

Evolution Banking recognised this – so in 2011 we launched a range of financial products focussed on serving financially stressed consumers. As our business grows our product suite continues to evolve to offer a more diverse range of non-standard lending options to the marketplace.

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